A Librarian’s Library

I have a lot of books.

I know that seems silly coming from a librarian, but, believe it or not, many librarians actually have quite small personal collections. Since we work in libraries and understand the power of inter-library loan, we know that we can generally get anything we might want to read from the institution we work at. Not me though.

I grew up in a home full of books – this is not why I became a librarian, but it is why I love to learn. It’s also why I have an apartment full of books. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, in fact it would be wonderful. I love my vintage cookbooks, my collection of Russian history books, and my growing fiction section. I like being able to go home to piles of books and knowing I’ll be sure to have something to read.

The problem is, I’m moving. More specifically, I’m moving in with someone who has a book collection of his own. I’ve been dating a wonderful guy for almost a year, and as my lease expired we decided to take the plunge and move in. I’m excited, since this will shorten my commute and give me a spectacular kitchen. On the other hand, we’ll have three cats (it’s a long story) and more books than any two people have a right to own. Right now we’re each going through our collections and deciding what can go into storage, what can get donated, and what has to come live with us in the condo. I’m having a lot more trouble choosing what to bring than I thought I would. You see, I’m a big believer in weeding. I weed every month at work and I never feel bad about it. But with my own collection?

You can tear that old dusty book out of my cold dead fingers. So I guess we’ll just live the librarian dream – a house full of cats and books. Of course, we’ll also have a giant projector for movies and a pool and hot tub on the roof, so it won’t be all bad.


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