I survived surgery! And other randomness.

It’s been about 24 hours since I checked in for surgery yesterday, and about 18 hours since I left the hospital. Everything has gone much better than I expected and so far it seems like the healing process won’t be too terrible. Right now the only annoying parts are an inability to breathe (which was expected) and a really hoarse voice, due to the breathing tube I had in. (Also, the breathing tube isn’t a big deal! They apparently give everyone who is under general a breathing tube. The things you learn!) Also, Jeff gave me a pre-surgery present on Wednesday night – MRSA! I love the giant microbe series, and since I was going in, he rightfully thought I would appreciate this one. (Also, in case anyone thinks I am not aware of the seriousness of MRSA, I am. Both my grandparents contracted it in their later years. But for someone who is young and healthy, it isn’t as much of a threat.)

The only unexpectedly annoying thing about all of this is that I’m not sleeping. I thought that the exhaustion from the surgery and pre-surgery stress would make it easy – to say nothing of the pain medication putting me to sleep. Apparently, that’s not the case. I’ve slept about 4 hours in the past 24 and have been up since 2 or 3 am. And strangely enough, I’m still going strong. This is especially surprising if you actually know me well enough to know my sleep habits. I’m the person who goes to bed at 9 and has stayed up all night only once or twice in my entire life and never plan on doing it again.

I’m doing well enough to read fluffy books (I’m working on a Debbie Macomber book right now – entertaining but doesn’t require much thought) and watch TV/read blogs. I’m hoping to be up to knitting in a couple of days, since I have a few things that I want to get done before Christmas.

Speaking of knitting – I’ve been getting back into it recently, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s funny – I’ve been knitting for maybe 10? years, but had to take a big break in the middle due to my tendinitis. The two really awesome things that have become clear lately are: (1) you never forget how to knit (although I do need to refresh myself on some of the lace techniques I used to be able to do in my sleep), and (2) my hands appear to have healed, and as long as I don’t knit too much, I’m fine. I’m currently working on some Christmas presents, but once they’re done I’ve got to get working on my wedding shawl! I’m waiting until I finalize what dress I’m wearing, since I don’t know for sure what color it’ll be, but I’m really excited. I’ve been looking at patterns pretty much since we got engaged, and randomly stumbled across what is literally the perfect pattern for me. Once I start it I’ll post more, but I really am excited.


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