Second guessing my wedding shawl pattern choice. It’s beautiful, but for some reason I’m having a hell of a time getting it to work. This is one of those patterns where the stitch count changes from row to row – growing and shrinking to make pretty lacy pictures of birds and stuff. (Yes. I’m putting a bird on it.) Unfortunately, this means that today I somehow ended up TEN stitches short on a row. No, I’m not sure how it happened. That was the point where I just gave up for the day, ripped back to my lifeline and put the yarn away for the day.

I love this pattern, but I’m only on row 24. There are 648 rows. I have basically 15 weeks to knit (ignoring the last two weeks before the wedding since I need to block it and generally plan for disaster). That’s 41 rows a week. 6 rows a day (every day). Maybe it’s doable? (Also, each row has 130-ish stitches…that’s a lot of stitches.)


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