Convention Bound

Tomorrow morning Jeff and I head off to ALA in Anaheim, CA. For those of you who aren’t librarians, ALA is shorthand for the American Library Association’s Annual Convention. This year is my third, and Jeff’s first, and the first time I’ve been to the west coast in over 10 years. I end up going every year in part due to committee commitments, but it is actually a great learning and networking opportunity. I always meet someone new and learn something new or get ideas for a program. I also always find at least a couple new authors to read. (ALA combines academic, special, and public libraries, so there’s a lot more trade/popular fiction that at the academic events I usually frequent.)

While I’m not super excited about the location this year (last year we were in New Orleans, and 2010 was in DC), I have the best schedule EVER. All of my meetings and presentations are on Saturday, but I’m not  double booked for once. I even have time for lunch! The rest of the conference (I’m there Saturday-Monday) is open, although I have a number of events penciled in. Then, on Tuesday, we’re going to Disney! I know it’s lame, but we’re really looking forward to it. It’s an opportunity to have fun, and we might as well. The convention center is right across the street from Disney and it seems like it would be a missed opportunity not to go for a day. We’re calling it our non-honeymoon honeymoon, since we’re putting a real honeymoon until next year (at least) when we have more time.


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