June Foodie Pen Pal

June was the first month I participated in the foodie pen pal swap (organized by the fabulous Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean). You’ll have to forgive the lack of photos in this post – my box came just before I left for ALA, so I didn’t have much time for photos. (I did, on the other hand, have time for eating the contents. So there’s that at least.)

I received a wonderful/delicious box from Alessandra at The Orange Lens (who, coincidentally, shares a last name with my co-convener of the ACRL-NMDG, which confused me every time I saw it in my email box – why is Lindsay mailing me about food? Oh…..sigh.) The contents were as follows:

  • A giant bag of granola (plus the recipe!) – this came in handy while we were in California. Granola is a wonderful travel snack.
  • A whole bunch of wonderful s’more bars (and the recipe) – I’m actually eating one now for dessert. OMNOMNOM.
  • Texas honey – We love honey in this house, and I’m really curious to see if it tastes differently from the honey we buy locally. I’m thinking about making a honey syrup for cocktails out of this one!
  • Werther’s Originals – my favorite old person candy. (I feel qualified to both define it as such and to identify with old person candy. I’m a librarian who wears cardigans and bifocals, owns three cats, and knits. So what if I’m only 26, I’m PRACTICALLY 80.)
  • A can of coconut milk and a recipe for ice cream! – it is currently 90 degrees in Michigan. This recipe will come in handy.
  • Also! A delicious pretzel Luna bar that I almost forgot to mention. This was probably the best part of this box because it saved my butt when I was presenting at 10:30 am and realized I didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast.

I’m pretty sure that’s the whole contents. Honestly, the package was magical and wonderful and much appreciated, but then I went to ALA (see previous entry) which kind of fried my brain. That’s why coming home to a fridge full of s’more bars was the best thing since ultra pasteurized milk (which allowed us to leave a gallon of milk in the fridge for a week and have it still be good when it came time to eat those s’more bars). If I had been smart I would have written this right when the package came. But, you know, ALA.


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