July Foodie Penpal!

This month was super fun! Since I had already participated in June’s swap, I had an idea of what to expect. (It was a lot less scary and I was less worried about disappointing someone.) For July, I was paired with Colleen – who also lives in Michigan! (What are the odds, right?) I got the most delicious box EVER from her, including:

  • Detroit Tigers cookies (which went into my husband’s lunch) – funny story, although I don’t follow baseball out here, I used to be a HUGE Bluejays and Yankees fan. And Grand Rapids has the Tigers AAA team.
  • Michigan 4 Berry Jam – BEST PBJ EVER. Seriously. This jam was amazing because it was super fruity and fruit chunky and just generally really flavorful.
  • Toffee Almond Granola – YUM. I took this to mix in with my slightly soupy yogurt (this week’s just didn’t turn out – I think I must have measured the milk wrong). It was super tasty.
  • Kelly’s Karamels – Local sea salt caramels! This is one of my favorite treats, so I was excited to try another interpretations. We ate two of the four, but I’m saving the other two for when I have a sugar craving.
  • Eurocream – When I first opened this package I was like “huh…this is stirring some random back of the mind memory…but maybe I’m just crazy”. Then I started looking at the packaging and saw it was made in Eastern Europe. BINGO! They used to sell this at the Polish market I shopped at way back in the day. I haven’t broken into it yet (I don’t think we can even buy this in West Michigan), but I’m looking forward to it on toast when I get back from NY.
  • Project 7 gum – I had heard of this company, but never seen it for sale. I love the concept (they donate money for 7 meals for every tray of gum) and the peppermint vanilla flavor is to die for, just like Colleen said. I will probably be buying a tray or two of these for my desk at work.
  • Dried Pineapple – NOM.
  • K-cups! – Let’s just say, my house smelled DELICIOUS after I made that coconut mocha.

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