Why I didn’t have a “foodie penpal” post for August

I’ve been participating in this AWESOME swap for the past couple months called “Foodie Penpal”. If you love food and sending people things (and getting things in the mail!) – I highly recommend it. For more information, look at this page on the founder’s website.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I didn’t post a reveal yesterday. Well, that’s because I didn’t get a box this month. My assigned penpal just never got in touch and even ignored the organizer’s emails. On the one hand, I know life happens. I would have had no problem if she had sent me an email and said “Hey, crap happened. I am so sorry, but I have to drop out this month.” I wouldn’t have minded not receiving a package if I knew why. But I never heard from my penpal. She ignored her responsibilities to contact me and ignored the organizer’s email asking her to get in touch. That annoys me.

I’ve never understood why people sign up for things and then drop off the face of the planet – especially when it’s something like this, where you have another person relying on you. I own up to the fact that I’m flaky sometimes – especially when I say I’ll do something small (like email a recipe) and then completely forget to do it. (It tends to happen when I say I’ll do something and have nowhere to write down that I need to do it.) I also sometimes say yes to too many things – it’s been challenging for me to learn to say no both professionally and personally. But you know, you choose to sign up for an activity like this. And it just makes you a jerk when you don’t participate.

Anyway, I do love the foodie penpal swap, and I’m sticking with it next month. It’s so much fun to send things to other food people (especially when I get to push Michigan made things). It’s silly, but I love sending other people gifts more than I like getting things (although – I once got some amazing sea salt caramels that ALMOST make that a lie).


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