The Washer-Dryer Saga

Those of you who know me or who have been following me on Twitter for the past year and a half or so know that our washer-dryer has been…a challenge.

We ordered it from Home Depot in June and scheduled delivery. But it didn’t come. They rescheduled. And rescheduled. And rescheduled again. I’m relatively certain that they actually had to build our washer after we ordered it. And then ship it from South Korea. Finally, in July we scheduled a delivery. I was planning to leave work a bit early and be there for delivery. The delivery guys called me to say they would be there in 10 minutes. They were 3 hours early and I was 30 minutes away. I yelled at them. I do not make a habit of being rude to people on the phone, because generally it doesn’t get you anywhere. But since I had be strung along by LG for weeks, I was not about to lose my chance to get this stupid washer-dryer set delivered. Luckily, my husband (at the time my fiance) was able to run home and meet them. To punish me for my loss of temper, the delivery guys didn’t turn on the water (which was AWESOME and required a second appointment with home depot guys).

Then came the electrician. You see, our condo is a little complicated. Jeff bought into the building when it was under construction and made a few modifications to the floorplan. Somewhere along the way to giving us a larger bathroom and a fabulous kitchen, Jeff and his uncle forgot to put in a second outlet in the washer-dryer nook. We had the giant appliance outlet, just not the regular one. And when we tried to use the outlet in the hallway, it flipped the breaker and generally didn’t work. So we had to add an outlet. (Luckily, the electrician could get us in the next morning and added the outlet in like 30 minutes. And didn’t charge for travel time!)

So finally, we can do laundry! It was like a dream come true. Weirdly, the door lock icon was always lit, but the washer worked, so whatever. Well, it worked until the day before Thanksgiving. Just as I put in a load of laundry to prep for my first holiday dinner with Jeff’s family the door decided to lock. We just couldn’t get it open no matter what. Finally, we realized that if you unplugged the unit, it would reset the door lock and we could get the clothes out.

This continued for months. MONTHS. It was a combination of me not wanting to deal with LG and LG messing with me. It was during this time that I lost my patience with a customer service rep for the second time. You see, this person tried to tell me that I had been mistaken and that I had misunderstood the process. I hadn’t, he was just giving me the wrong information. (Seriously, normally I assume that it was indeed my fault and that I misunderstood, but in this case I didn’t. I was supposed to wait for LG to call the repair company with the authorization, then they would call me to schedule. He tried to tell me that I was supposed to call the repair company first. NOPE.) ANYWAY, I hung up on him, called again, and got someone who was much more helpful. Thus begun our saga of repairs with a local company. Really nice guy came out, replaced the door lock. Then he came out again and replaced the door lock and the control board. Every time they came out the washer would work for about two weeks, and then start locking again.

After those first two repairs, our warranty ran out and we purchased the extended warranty. Which was a good choice because SURPRISE! the door still didn’t work. So we called again and were referred to another company. New really nice guy comes in, listens to my story, and decides to replace the door sensor, the control panel, the lock, and possibly something else. Because if that doesn’t work, they have no idea what it might be. This was in July.


We didn’t hear anything from this company for a whole two months. Then on Friday they called and were like “Um, hi! Can we send someone on Monday?” Really nice guy comes in today, replaces a whole bunch of things (he had to simultaneously work on the machine from the front and the back because it’s a compact unit), and BOOM it works! The weird little lock icon isn’t lit anymore! YAAAAAY!

So what was the problem? Someone put a screw through the wire harness. So the whole thing was because someone in the factory wasn’t paying attention when they put a screw in. And that screw was causing a weird short. So with a replaced wire harness (that didn’t have a screw running through it) the washer works!

This evening we’ll be restacking the units, for the third and hopefully final time. And then I will do celebratory laundry.


One thought on “The Washer-Dryer Saga

  1. Hi Elizabeth! You are my Foodie PenPal recipient for October. I emailed to your gmail account but want to make sure it didn’t end up in your junk mail. I hope all is well with your washer/dryer. Looking forward to hearing from you so I can get some awesome goodies for you! Bridget Schmidt

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