November Foodie Penpal

So, let’s talk about November’s delicious foodie penpal package! I was paired with Faith, whose box was exactly what I needed this month! CHOCOLATE. (November is a stressful month…and we all know chocolate heals all stress!)

In my box this month I received:

  • Dark chocolate and peppermint pretzel chips: YUM. In grad school I basically lived off pretzel chips (along with goat cheese and farm fresh eggs). These were wonderful for helping me get in the holiday spirit.
  • ¬†Hazelnut Chocolate cookie bite things: I have not had these yet, but I’m pretty excited to try them out! I love anything hazelnut and chocolate.
  • Tollhouse Cookie Brownie cup/bar mix: I made these when I was off from work just before Thanksgiving. These were an especially great treat since Jeff had to work late earlier this month for a deadline at work.
  • Vanilla and Chocolate wafer cookies: I love these things and always have. There’s something amazing about the sweet crispy round cookies. I finally found out how they make these, by the way, they’re basically magic. Which is to be expected when you’re talking about cookies.


If you’re interested in joining for next month, check out Lindsay’s blog The Lean Green Bean for more information! I will be taking December off, since we’re going to be out of town for a good portion of the month.


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