Book Review: Dead on Ice

I’ve decided to do a thing, where I actually write up what I read. I’m hoping this will help push me to read a little more (and keep records of what I read). Full disclosure: I suck at book reviews. So these might not be very useful to others.

Title: Dead on Ice
Author: Lauren Carr
Format: e-galley/ARC
Genre: mystery
Did I like it: Yes! I would recommend it to mystery fans, especially people who have a personal connection to PA or WV.

I read Dead on Ice during my Christmas break, and really enjoyed it. This is the first book in a series focusing on Cameron (a PA state police homicide detective) and Joshua (a county prosecutor in West Virginia). The premise is a little hokey (crime fighting couple!), but honestly, it was a lot of fun and the story had some nice twists and turns. Some of the characters were supremely unlikeable, but that’s kind of the point of mysteries, right? I think this was the first mystery novel I’ve read that focused primarily on a cold case (the 70’s era murder of a porn star) and the modern fallout (including a bombing and hostage taking).

Full disclosure: I tend not to read mysteries very critically – I feel like trying to figure out who did it ruins the fun for me, so it’s possible that it was obvious from the beginning who the murderer was, but I had no idea until right at the end.


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