Book Review: Hoax Hunters Book One

Title: Hoax Hunters Book One: Murder, Death, and the Devil
Author:Michael Moreci & Steeve Seeley
Format: e-Galley from NetGalley
Genre: Graphic Novel
Did I like it: Yes

I thought this was a solid graphic novel. The premise is fun – the cast of a TV show that busts myths (or old folk tales and crypto-myths like Big Foot) are actually agents from some mysterious agency that protect mythical creatures and keep the truth under wraps. There was a nice mixture of “real” stories (like the obligatory Big Foot appearance) and fake, but actually pretty believable stories. (There’s a great story arc that follows the terrible results of an early space accident.) The only thing that kept this book from being AWESOME was that the characters were a little too much like the Mythbusters. It just felt a little gimmicky, but not quite gimmicky enough for me to embrace it as being really intentional.


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