Book Review: Love Unscripted

Title: Love Unscripted
Author: Tina Reber
Format: e-Galley from NetGalley
Genre: Romance
Did I like it: Yes

I’ve kind of been on a Romance/Chick Lit bender over the past few weeks. Things have been kind of stressful, with Gary getting sick, and I like the escapism. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, even if it required a pretty significant suspension of disbelief. The premise is one that we’ve all heard before – small town girl meets big movie star and they fall in love. This book takes it a bit further, using the paparazzi and the gossip industry as a major plot point, with a couple stalkers thrown in for variety. If you think the premise is stupid, you’ll hate this book. But if you love ridiculous Lifetime or ABC Family style romance (which I do sometimes, I’ll own it, even if it is embarrassing), you’ll probably enjoy this one.

I had a lot of fun with this book – even my husband commented that I picked it up whenever I had time. It even made sitting in the car dealership waiting area tolerable.


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