My dishwasher was nailed to the floor.

So that title pretty much sums it up. But it might make more sense if I rewind and give you the beginning of the story.

On Saturday I was walking through the living room and stepped in a giant puddle of water. This is concerning because there wasn’t any snow or cat dishes for the water to be spilled from. (And it wasn’t pee – I checked. I got used to finding puddles when Gary was sick, so that was my first thought.) After a few minutes staring at the ceiling, we figured out that the water was coming from the kitchen island. It was just pooling in the living room because our condo used to be a biology lab and it was going towards the old drain. (It’s an open floor plan, so it’s not like the water was meandering through the hallways.) ANYWAY. We figure out it’s coming from the dishwasher after completely emptying the cabinet under the sink.

So now that we know it’s coming from the dishwasher, it’ll be easy to fix, right? Or at least pull out the appliance? NOPE. First, it took a while for us to find the screws attaching the dishwasher to the counter. Then, we tried to pull it out..but it just wouldn’t move. Eventually, Jeff gets down on the floor with a flashlight and figures out that OUR DISHWASHER IS NAILED TO THE FLOOR.

Let’s just take a minute to let that sink in.

When they were installing our dishwasher, the contractors actually nailed it to the floor. Some of you are probably thinking: wait a minute…how can you nail a dishwasher TO THE FLOOR? Well, they attached a U channel to the bottom, and then put a nail through it. Then they built the kitchen island and cabinets around the dishwasher and installed the counter tops.

We eventually had to call my in laws to bring tools so we could cut the nail, since there was no way to reach it with a claw hammer. And now we’re in the market for a new dishwasher!

But seriously. Who nails a dishwasher to the floor?


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