Hipster Pizza with ramps and buffalo mozzarella

I figured that if I was going to come back to blogging, I might as well start out with a bang. And by “bang”, I mean a slightly pretentious hipster pizza! Behold, Sunday night’s dinner:

I used ramps because we got some in our CSA (via Nourish Organic Market in Grand Rapids) and then I found MORE for sale at our local fancy grocery store (Knapp’s Corner D&W for the locals – they also have morels!). And when you’ve got ramps, why not put them on pizza? I used the ultra-fancy buffalo mozzarella because they had some at the previously mentioned local fancy grocery store and because I hadn’t had it before. And anyway, since I’m lactose intolerant and cheese makes me sick, I might as well get sick from REALLY AWESOME cheese. This would be delicious with any regular mozzarella.

Ramp Pizza

Hipster Pizza (Ramps & Buffalo Mozzarella)

based on: Smitten Kitchen’s Ramp Pizza and Jennie Perillo‘s pizza dough from Homemade With Love. (BUY THIS COOKBOOK. I have made 4-5 recipes and all of them have become regulars in our house.)


your favorite pizza dough (fresh or frozen)

1/2 cup pizza sauce (I used the leftover Mid’s Marinara that was in our fridge)

1 ball buffalo mozzarella (or 8 oz of any other mozzarella, I prefer fresh)

1 bunch ramps (or if you bought yours where I did – half of the ONE POUND BAG I bought for a ridiculously good price I won’t share just in case it was a mistake)

olive oil

Wash your ramps and slice off the roots. Make sure not to slice off all the white part – it’s tasty and you want to keep it! Chop the white parts and the stems and put aside. Slice the leaves. (Don’t stress too much about the sizes, it’s pizza!) Heat a small frying pan on medium with some olive oil. Add the white parts and stems. Let them cook a couple minutes, then add the leaves. Just cook them for a minute or two, until they’ve wilted a bit. Remove from the heat.

Stretch your pizza dough into a 16″ circle on a pizza pan. (Or on your peel if you’re using a pizza stone. We have one and normally use it whenever we have pizza, but I was lazy tonight.) Spread it with your preferred amount of marinara (I use less than some people – you may want more than what I used). Add the ramps and spread across the pizza. Top with thinly sliced mozzarella. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes.


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