Book Review: Brush With Death

Title: Brush With Death
Author: Karen MacInerney
Format: ARC from NetGalley
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Did I like it: Yes!

If you’ve ever talked to me about reading, you know I’m a big cozy mystery fan – they have just the right mix of mild peril, happy endings, and cats/food/crafts to keep me interested but not too tense. (I’m not very good with peril – just ask my husband who regularly has to pause PG animated movies to give me a break. How to Train Your Dragon pretty much killed me.)

Anyway, this was a great cozy mystery. The main character, Natalie, owns an Inn on an island off the coast of Maine, where she lives with her niece and fiance (and her cat). There is a mysterious artist staying on the island temporarily and when a local is murdered the island is full of intrigue. I don’t like to give a lot of the plot away of cozies, since they’re mysteries, but I enjoyed the multiple plots and sub-plots. Is everyone who they say they are? And why is Natalie’s engagement ring turning her finger green… I enjoyed this book enough that I think I’m going to track down the first four books in the series!


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