Book Review: School Spirits

Title: School Spirits
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Format: e-galley/ARC
Genre: Supernatural YA
Did I like it: Yes!

I read this book during my Christmas break (and wrote this post on New Years Day), but didn’t want to publish it until May 14 – when this book is actually released! So happy book release/blog post day!

I flew through this book while we were stuck in our hotel (there was a ton of snow during our Syracuse visit), even stopping a few times to read passages out loud to my husband. This book follows Izzy Brannick, the last in a long line of supernatural bounty hunters. (That’s probably not quite the right term, but it works for me, so I’m sticking with it.) Izzy and her mom temporarily relocate to a small town to work on a ghost case, giving Izzy the chance to go to a normal school for the first time. She makes friends, meets a cute boy, and has to vanquish some evil spirits. I loved the strong female characters, the complicated relationships, and the supernatural elements. (What can I say, I’m a sucker for ghosts and magical creatures.)

A spin off of the author’s popular Hex Hall series (which I’m looking forward to reading!), I hope this is a popular book, because I want to read more about the characters!


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