Book Review: Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos!

Title: Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos
Author: Simon Tofield
Format: e-ARC from NetGalley
Genre: Cartoons
Did I like it: LOVED IT

My husband and I stayed up way too late one night flipping through this book on my ipad laughing at the cartoons and being embarrassed when a few of them hit a little too close to home. (We have two cats. We both grew up in multiple cat households.) If you like the Simon’s Cat cartoons (and since they show up EVERYWHERE you probably do), you’ll like this book. We thought it was super cute as adults, but I also think this could be a fun book to read with a little kid. Since the stories/vignettes don’t have dialog, you could embellish the story or have them fill in the blanks. Although I probably won’t buy this for my own collection (I tend not to read a cartoon book more than once), it’s definitely going on my list of potential Christmas presents for the cat owners in our lives.


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