Book Review: Lynnwood

Title: Lynnwood
Author: Thomas Brown
Format: e-ARC from NetGalley
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Horror
I have a complicated relationship with this book. First of all, I didn’t finish it – I will own up to that. I made it through the first five chapters before it started to make me a little nervous. You see, I’m a wimp when it comes to horror books. A giant wimpy wimp. For some reason movies don’t impact me quite the way books do – books just get into my head and seem to hit all those little buttons and set up shop in the corners of my brain.

This book centers around a little town in the British countryside called Lynnwood. It’s idyllic, full of lovely people, and something is decidedly wrong. You get this feeling right at the beginning of the book and it continues to build. People sometimes disappear, moving away never to be heard from again. Strange things start happening to one of the main characters (a vegetarian, she starts craving meat, eventually graduating to eating it raw from the refrigerator). Her son reports a recurring nightmare with the “man from the tunnel”. The village vicar talks about a terrifying creature that’s part man, part fly. I have no idea what the story is building towards, but I’m confident that whatever it is is absolutely terrifying.

Anyway, this is a GREAT book if you aren’t a wimp like me. The only reason why I haven’t finished it is that most of my reading time happens in the evening right before I go to bed and I really don’t want to read this before bed. I’ve already had themed creepy dreams (a giant fly man) related to this book and I’d like to avoid having more!


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