Book Review: Death Takes a Holiday

Title: Death Takes a Holiday
Author: Jennifer Harlow
Format: e-galley from NetGalley
Genre: paranormal romance?
Did I like it: LOVED IT

This is the second book I’ve read by Jennifer Harlow (the first was What’s a Witch to Do?), and I’ve loved both of them. The main characters of both books are strong women who haven’t been dealt the best hand in life, but who make the best of what they’ve got and take care of those around them. In this book, Beatrice (who happens to be psychokinetic) is trying to have a relaxing Christmas vacation with her family. It doesn’t work out quite how she planned. There are vampires and werewolves fighting over her, to say nothing of her ex-boyfriend. I love Harlow’s sense of humor and she manages to mix the mundane with enough magic that it’s both interesting AND somewhat believable. (You know, if vampires were real. Because they aren’t. But these vampires were totally believable.) I powered through this book in 2 days and I’ve already added it (and everything else by Jennifer Harlow) to my Amazon wishlist. (I’m writing this in June, but not publishing it until the book comes out in August, so by the time you all ready this, I’ll probably have already purchased them!)


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