Book Review: Southern Slow Cooker

Title: Southern Slow Cooker
Author: Kendra Bailey Morris
Format: e-ARC from NetGalley
Genre: Cookbook
Rating: 4/5

Jeff and I own 2 or 3 slow cookers, but we rarely actually use them. Why? Because I’m not a big fan of most slow cooker recipes that are full of packaged and canned foods. This book is much better than many slow cooker books, in that it actually calls for real food most of the time. (The exceptions are canned beans and a few canned vegetables or meats – think corn and clams – that actually work as canned foods.) The recipes definitely lean to the heavier stick to your ribs comfort food that we sometimes associate with southern food, but I’ve bookmarked at least two recipes just from the first chapter that I want to try out. In case you’re wondering which ones I’m interested in – Buffalo Stout Beer Chili and Chicken & Cornmeal Dumplings. This book would be a fabulous addition to any public library collection, or for anyone who is interested in crock pot cooking.


One thought on “Book Review: Southern Slow Cooker

  1. I am the author of The Southern Slow Cooker. Thank you so much for the very kind words about my book. I really hope you enjoy it! If you like, feel free to add a rating on Amazon or Goodreads, too.

    Many thanks again,

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