Book Review: The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Title: The American Craft Beer Cookbook
Author: John Holl
Format: e-galley from NetGalley
Genre: Cookbook
Did I like it: YES!

This would be a fun cookbook for the beer lover in your life – whether they cook much or not. It features recipes from brew pubs around the United States, along with short brewery profiles. Craft beer lovers (like me) will enjoy seeing recipes from familiar breweries (and maybe even old favorites – like the Devil Dancer Chicken Sandwich from Founders!). There’s a nice variety of recipes in this book, from breakfasts (I have got to try the pancake recipe!) to a salad featuring a beer vinaigrette (that recipe is from Short’s – another favorite Michigan brewery of ours). I had a lot of fun flipping through this book and there are quite a few recipes I’d like to try out. I also appreciated that they featured a gluten-free brewery (New Planet Beer out of Boulder, Colorado).

If you (or someone you love) is into craft beer, this is a great book! That being said, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who wasn’t already a beer nerd. It sort of assumes that you already believe that craft beer is THE COOLEST THING EVER. (And if you’ve ever seen our beer collection, you know that is a safe assumption in our house.) But if you aren’t into semi-obscure breweries, you’d probably just find this book a little annoying.

Coolest feature of this book: While each recipe is from a particular brewery and calls for a specific beer, most recipes include a list of other beers that would work. It looked like the lists were designed to cover enough beers from enough different regional breweries that pretty much anyone could make those recipes without having to guess what an appropriate substitute.


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